Stet Lab May 2011: Featuring Susan Geaney and David O Regan

The monthly event, Stet Lab, returns on Monday May 9th, upstairs at The Roundy Bar, Castle Street, Cork City. An established platform for all things hybrid, (dis)functional and mutated, Stet Lab will be reunited with a former regular performer: flautist Susan Geaney.

Flute/Bass Flute performer Susan Geaney is a Composer/Improviser currently based in Dublin. She has a passion for improvisation in several contexts: dance, sound art, acoustics and electronics. In 2010, Susan composed and also improvised ‘Oh Dear!’ (Contemporary Dance) at La Nuit Blanche in Paris. Furthermore, Geaney was awarded a bursary from London based Just Flutes which enabled her to travel to the Isle of Skye and perform with the flute ensemble Rarescale. This April, Susan will have a work Premiered by the Quiet Ensemble in the ‘National Concert Hall’ (NCH). Whilst based in Cork, Susan was a regular at ‘Stet Lab,’ which saw her to perform with such improvisers as: Don Malone, Murray Campbell and Ian Smith.
Joining Susan this month will be local improviser/composer David O’Regan. Having met in University College Cork (UCC) whilst studying for a Masters in Composition, both David and Susan took part in a performance of Christian Wolfe’s Burdocks. David is currently working on music for a retro-style computer game, and is also due to have a piece for two cellos premiered at the ‘NCH’ in May. Improvisers that David has performed with are: Han-Earl Park, Veronica Tadman and Marian Murray.

Also performing at the event will be Stet Lab’s house band; a group of Cork-based improvisers appearing as The Real-Time Company (for the Ad-Hoc Association) Of…

The event will begin at 21:00 and entry is €6 (€3).

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5 Responses to Stet Lab May 2011: Featuring Susan Geaney and David O Regan

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  3. Very cool! I’m traveling to Ireland next week and wonder if there will be another of these amazing events on? Any news on one happening in June?

  4. stetlab says:

    Hey Myles, information on the next Lab is now online. Apologies for the lateness of it. Any chance you’re around tomorrow for it?

  5. Aw, wish I was, my trip was quite brief and I’m in England now. Maybe some day I’ll pass through again to participate! Have a good time of it.

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